How To Hang A Hammock On Balcony

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  • Date: April 6, 2022
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Whether you’re looking to relax on a warm summer day or take a quick nap, nothing beats the comfort of a hammock. If you don’t have enough space in your yard, don’t worry – you can still hang your hammock. 

All you need is a balcony! This blog post will show you how to hang your hammock on a balcony safely and securely. So pull out that hammock and get ready for some relaxation!

I know hanging a hammock on a balcony can be a daunting experience. It’s hard to know where to start, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different options. However, with a little planning and patience, it’s relatively easy to set up a hammock on a balcony. 

First, take measurements of the space to ensure that there is enough room for the hammock. Then, choose the appropriate hardware for the type of balcony surface you have. 

Once the hardware is in place, simply thread the hammock through and enjoy! With a little bit of effort, anyone can turn their balcony into a relaxation oasis.

If you are interested in hanging a hammock indoors then check out our guide on how to hang a hammock indoors. Looking for a hammock for your balcony? Below are three great hammocks for a balcony!

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    #1 SUNCREAT Hammocks Cotton Rope Double Hammock

    balcony hammock

    The moment you lay down in our hammocks, the soothing sound of ropes rubbing against each other educates your ears. This is because they are hand-woven by thick cotton threads and there’s 22 suspension cords at both ends ensuring even weight distribution so that not only will it be comfortable but also give maximum support to whoever lies within them! 

    We offer upgraded 55″ hardwood spreader bars with O shaped steel rings which provide secure hanging while providing relaxation due its high quality materials made from durable green stained wood.

    The soft tactile sensations offered through these swings helps relieve stress as well blood circulation throughout one’s body—especially when shared among friends or family members alike who can enjoy having the experience with each other.

    Judy Book
    Judy Book
    Perfect except for chains needing to be 4” longerI
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    Perfect except for chains needing to be 4” longerI had an extra chain so I was able to get it to work it’s still not stretched enough to get the extra chain off. So make the chains 4” longer and it’s a perfect setup for your metal frames.
    Deb H.
    Soft and Sturdy Hammock
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    Replaced an old rope hammock that had started to break. This hammock fit my standard frame perfectly (already had S hooks). It was much softer than the one I had and fits two people nicely. Very sturdy feeling when lying on it.
    Madison Stephens
    LOVE IT!
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    Super easy set up! We love it, holds 2 people no problem and even a dog sometimes! So relaxing sitting under the trees hanging out!

    This double quilted hammock is a perfect addition to your balcony. The large bed offers plenty of room and its UV resistant fabric will prevent fading in the sun!

    Hardwood spreader bars ensure safety, while strong cotton ropes provide enough support for you during those warm summer days on vacation or at work – no matter what time it may be!.

    And don’t forget about our included stand that comes with many styles (and colors) so there’s something just right fit both style preferences as well functionality needs. 

    This hammock is definitely the most popular balcony hammock with great reviews!

    Awesome for rest & relaxation!!!
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    My family is extremely happy with this nice double hammock!!! It is a very durable and well-made product! Top notch quality!
    You Couldn't Ask For More
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    I bought this in place of a couch in my living room. TOTALLY WORTH IT! I fall asleep on this thing after work in minutes. It has an adjustable chain on either end for tension level. It's great because you can take it outside and sleep under the stars (if desired). .
    John Doe
    High Quality and Easy to Assemble
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    Incredibly well built and VERY easy to assemble. This hammock and frame goes together in minutes, and is constructed of high quality steel and a comfortable cloth hammock. The pillow is modest, and the two person claim will require a fair bit of snuggling - but the frame and quality construction will handle it. A beautiful and particularly easy to assemble hammock.
    Blue outdoor balcony hammock

    What’s more relaxing than sitting on a balcony hammock? The lounger features a 46-inch removable polyester shade canopy that will keep you cool and refreshed during those hot afternoons. 

    It has an ergonomic design with 2 inches of foam filled cushions for extra comfort, support from 265 pounds up to 300 lbs.

    Plus there are headrests available if needed! A powder coated steel frame pairs this classic piece together while water-resistant materials keep things durable enough in any weather condition.

    This would be the best choice if we had to pick as far as quality goes, but you might have pay a little more for this wonder balcony hammock. But it will definitely be worth it!

    John B
    Best buy this year!
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    I am super pleased with this purchase! It is so sturdy and heavy...and looks phenomenal! My dad and I were able to put it together in a few hours without much effort, except for lifting heavy items or moving the whole thing (he's 89 and I'm 65!)... Not bad for a father-daughter project!.
    Love it!
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    After reading all the reviews, I purchased this item. Wonderful item. Reviews stated that the rain puddles at the "butt" section,, and it does, but was able to alleviate that by pulling the cushion when it rains. NOTE: the cushion seems to have some sort of water resistance, but it you leave it out in the rain too long, it defeats the purpose. Hanging over the fence to dry out also works well.
    Tearsa D
    I LOVE this chair!
    Read More
    I'd been eyeballing this chair for a couple of years. I was a bit concerned about how sturdy it might be. I've had it now for almost a month on my back deck and I absolutely love it! It is heavy duty and I think will last quite a long time. It took about two hours to put together but I was pleased that all of the hardware was present (don't you hate it when the manufacturer forgets that ONE bolt?) AND the tools too! Well packaged with easy to follow instructions.

    Can you put a hammock on a balcony?

    Absolutely! Although it is not the most practical choice, you can put a hammock on your balcony. The weight limitations for hanging something as delicate and lightweight as this in an outside environment will be different than if you were to do so inside where there’s more support from ceilings or walls around it- but don’t worry because we have everything set up just how YOU want us too so all that matters really during these types of projects anyway

    How do you hang a hammock on a balcony without drilling?

    Hanging a hammock on your balcony is easy, but there are some things you should know. The first thing to do is ensure that the area below where you plan on hanging it has safety netting or other protection so nothing can get underneath and cause an accident with wires above- otherwise this could result in severe injury! 

    You’ll also need something strong enough for wind gusts because they tend to love up way more than regular breeze if anything goes wrong while getting set up outside – sometimes even taking down these types of structures isn’t enough without help of someone else.

    Can you hang a hammock in an apartment?

    hammocks are perfect for those who want to get away from their desk and enjoy some time outdoors. They’re also an excellent way of getting exercise, which is great because we all need more movement in our lives! 

    But does this mean you can’t hang one up indoors? The answers appears yes – but there might be some restrictions as far as where or how high on the walls they should go… But be sure to check with any landlords for further questions so you don’t end up in trouble having to pay for any repairs of sort.

    Can I hang a hammock on my porch?

    People have been known for years now, both indoors and out. But you don’t need an outdoor space or even access outdoors in order to enjoy this fun accessory! 

    All that’s required is some free time (and maybe the right tools) because there are so many ways one could go about doing just what they want with their own personal hanging experience – whether it’s adding color by painting them onto walls/ceiling boards; stenciling designs across ceilings; or even spelling messages into wood panels using different types charcuterie boards as well

    Conclusion on How to Hang a hammock on Balcony:

    So, whether you’re looking for a small and compact hammock to take with you on your travels or want something big and sturdy for your balcony, we’ve got you covered.

    Be sure to check out our favorite picks above and don’t forget to let us know how you like them by leaving a comment! And if there are any other questions about hanging a hammock on a balcony that we didn’t answer here, feel free to ask in the comments – we love giving advice! Happy swinging!

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