How To Wash Your Hammock

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  • Date: April 16, 2022
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Our furry companions may also join us while sitting in the sun drinking lemonade with family and friends. Hammocks are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re camping in the woods or just taking a break in your backyard, a hammock is a great way to unwind. 

But before you can relax in your new hammock, you need to know how to care of it. One of the most important things to remember is how often you should wash your hammock. Keep reading for tips on How To Wash Your Hammock

How to Machine Wash Your Hammocks


Washing your hammock is a breeze! If you are lazy like me and have easy access to laundry, this will be the easiest way for cleaning. Start by adding some mild detergent in there with it before starting on the delicate cycle- (important tip) please make sure to never use bleach though because that would ruin all those beautiful colors…and only wash outdoor gear using cool water (not hot). 

It should take around 40 minutes if everything goes according to plan which means about 5 minutes per square meter or just over an inch deep so do not worry too much when something gets stuck between fibers since these types aren’t supposed to be washed but they should be fine.

*Please allow 2-3 days for the hammock to line dry out in the sun or somewhere convenient because the dryer is not the place for it as the heat will cause it to ruin fibers, colors, and special materials*

How to Hand Wash Your Hammocks

This is an easy and mess-free approach to washing your hammock. Fill the bathtub, kiddie pool, or any other water container with cool tap water and about a quarter cup of mild detergent (Hammock Soap). 

Use soft bristles brush that will not scratch surfaces such as nylon material threadbare fabrics etc., then gently scrub away dirt from all sides before refilling it empty again for rinsing off excess suds– repeating this step, if necessary, when finished cleaning! When done just hang dry until ready to use again. Now get back outside and enjoy your hammock till it gets dirty again.


-Hammocks should be washed every 3-4 months, or more if they are used often. 

-Washing a hammock is simple and only requires a few supplies that you may already have at home. -Soap, water, and a hose are all you need to clean your hammock. -Be sure to check for any tears or holes in the fabric before washing it. If there are any repairs needed, now is the time to do them. 

-After repairing any damages, hang the hammock up and spray it down with water. Be sure to get both the top and bottom of the fabric wet. 

-Next, add some soap to your hands and work it into a lather.

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If you’re planning on spending any time outdoors this summer, a hammock is a must-have. But if you have pets or young children, you’ll want to make sure your hammock is washable. Here are some of the best washable hammocks on the market. Interested in hammocks that make the best camping companion, read here.

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