Why Hammocks Make the Best Camping Companion | Our Top 5

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  • Date: April 16, 2022
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There are few things in life as relaxing as swaying in a hammock on a warm summer day. But did you know that hammocks also make great camping companions? That’s right – hammocks are not just for lounging around the backyard! Here are five reasons why hammocks are the best camping companion:

1. Hammocks are extremely lightweight and portable, so they’re easy to pack up and take with you on your camping trip.

2. Hammocks can be set up practically anywhere – no level ground required! So if you’re looking for a place to relax after a hike, or just want to enjoy some peace and quiet away from your campsite, a hammock is a perfect option.

3. They’re great for relaxing in after a long day of hiking or exploring.

4. Most camping hammocks are budget-friendly, durable, and last a long time.

5. Hammocks are a lot easier to take down than a tent. Plus you get to gaze at the stars at night.

Below are our top 5 recommended quality hammock camping companions. We hope to be able to help you decide on which one is best for you and take your new companion with you on your next adventure. Also check out 5 best camping hammocks with mosquito net and rainfly.

Large Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

msquitto hammock

This camping hammock set is the perfect way to spend a relaxing night under starry skies. This Double Hammocks with Net and Rain Fly that provides you shelter from rain or sun, while also protecting your tender skin against mosquitoes during those warm summer months! 

You’ll have all of our favorite supplies in one convenient package: 2*10 Feet Tree Straps (600 lbs), 6 * Guylines that are long enough for any adventure may bring along – no need Searching around when we’ve got this handy dandy guide at hand!. A Steel Carabiner ensures secure attachment between netting material & tree. This is our top rated camping hammock on the list!

Great, lightweight backpacking hammock
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Was skeptical at first but this hammock really performs. I am 6’3 and 230lbs and had plenty of room. I did not feel like the hammock was going to rip or tear. Recently did backpacking trip with it. The mosquito net worked great and setup was a breeze
Good warm weather camping hammock
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All my buddies wanted to know where I got this. The hoop that keeps the big net up off of you is great! It's got good straps so far no issues. The bottom is vented so it's cool for summer sleeping.
Brian Clark
Amazing value and product
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I live in Florida and took this out to Colorado last week. It was so good with the bugs and so comfortable. I have purchased 8-10 of these types of hammocks and highly recommend this one for the value and durability.

Kinfayv camping hammock tent is made of lightweight and breathable materials that can also prevent attacking mosquitoes. The small mesh design makes it perfect for use without the net, but if you want to enjoy your time in peace with some protection against bugs, turn over this side!

Very lightweight, Foldable & easy to carry and Install. This portable camping hammock comes with an attached stuff sack. When your hammock is not used, you can fold it into this pocket for portable backpacking. Also, it can be used to place your mobile phones, water cups, and other stuff during use. It is very easy to install and enjoy with the help of a manual and complete the installation in just a few minutes.

Very practical, many accessories.
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We went on a trip in the MaryLand high country this past month for a few days. I wanted to keep my pack as light as possible and this was definitely a great addition! Once we got to our camp spot I found a few trees to set the hammock up which was easy..
Robert C.
Compact and easy to set-up
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I was surprised to see how small the hammock was when I opened the shipping box. I set it up in my backyard on a hammock stand. I am a 6'2" so I was expecting not to fit in the hammock but, again, I was quite surprised.
Awesome buy (even in rain)
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This. Hammock. Is. So. Cool. I purchased this as a gift for someone because they love to hike, hands down the best thing I could have gotten them. It is super light, easy to put up and takes up very little space in their gear. The coolest part about it is how versatile it is. It could be for camping, for hiking, or for a fun date that gets rain.

If you’re looking for a camping hammock with an under-quilt that will keep you warm all winter long, look no further than the AYAMAYA Single & Double Hammock. Made of a premium 20D ripstop nylon shell with a DWR coating, this under-quilt is soft, cozy, and built to last. With imitation silk floss filling and a 300T polyester pongee lining, it will keep you warm and comfortable even on the coldest days. 

You will be able to extend the camping season into warmer climates. The 4 Season Under-Quilt is a great way to enjoy your time outside without having any concerns about weather conditions or temperature change! This lightweight under-quilt protects you from 20°F -68° F which means it can be used year-round no matter what time of year that may fall within. It weighs only 2lbs making this product perfect for all sorts of journeys whether they’re on foot or part of your travel emergencies. The AYAMAYA ranks top as most comfortable camping hammock. 

This under hammock is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
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What did I like about this under-hammock, don't think there is enough room to say it all! I do think Ayamaya should give Tyler a free one, he was so darned cute and his tips helped me a lot when setting it up. I have never slept so comfortably in my hammock.
Clockwork John
Great addition to my pack!
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I picked this up for an upcoming camping trip in two weeks. I have been able to cinch this down and fit in my pack great with the provided straps. I will update with performance nafter the trip but so far this seams like a great buy for the money, it's well built with strong seams!
Jennifer D. Gamlen
Honestly this product couldn't be better
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When I first took this underquilt out on a camping trip, I mounted it far too low for it to be effective, and I spent my night pretty cold. But on last night's trip in the snow where temperatures got into the low 20s (F), this underquilt worked insanely well!!

The FIRINER camping hammock comes with a mosquito net, but its one-piece design means that you can’t remove the attached Mosquito curtains. A small and dense mesh will effectively stop pesky mosquitoes from biting or harassing me while I’m trying to enjoy my time out under this shelter! If for some reason staying protected isn’t important enough (or if there just happens to be more than usual), turn down either side of their nets before getting attacked by the mosquitoes and nats.

The FIRINER camping hammock is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It has an automatic quick open design with upgraded metal steel carabiners, 102-inch tree straps, and other accessories that make it easy to install for those who aren’t too skilled at backpacking netting yet enjoy the comfort of being fully covered on sunny days or rainy ones! As your go-to anywhere shelter if needed. Top seller camping hammock!

Snarkle W.
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2 day high-altitude pseudo survival camping. We had 2 of these hammocks they both performed well. I'm 6'00" 200lbs I moved around a LOT throughout the night. The hammock held up.
Great price, good quality. Get your own straps
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This actually came with a ridiculous amount of stuff. It had a built in bug net, which is a pretty big deal. Came with a tarp and stakes that came in handy when it rained like crazy.
Matt Anderson
Great way to get into hammock camping
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This with a small additional tarp worked well on a summer Maine camping trip to keep the storms off me. Some friends in a tent got very wet when the ground cloth was untucked and flooded them. I stayed dry..

The last and final product on our list is the Sunyear Portable Lightweight camping hammock. This heavy-duty, special tear-resistant net material has been created with nylon parachute fabric that provides durability in mind while also being lightweight enough for all types of users – whether they are young adults or elderly people! 

The innovative design ensures comfort throughout your stay outdoors thanks to double interlocking Diamond ropes which make sure nothing gets tangled up during use time so you can enjoy every minute outside no matter what weather brings alongside this great invention called “The Hanging Out.” The Sunyear camping hammock is on the list for those on a budget, a steal of a deal on this one.

Summer B.
Worth Every Penny
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This is my second SunYear hammock we've purchased because my family loves them! The straps are perfect for almost any location, as we have attached to porches, railings, fencing, and trees of all sizes. The straps to hang the hammock come with many different loops, meaning it will adjust to almost any size wrapping around.
Tim W.
Sleep like a baby.
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After sleeping in hammocks all summer decided to try the new sunyear hammock in sloth. After setting it was surprisingly roomy. And I like the pattern monkeys and sloths in a camo pattern. The single line for the net is easier than the twin line of my last sunyear hammock..
Good for the price
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At 6'3 and fairly broad up top, I slept comfortably enough in the single hammock my first overnight in it. My small dog was also in the hammock with me and didn't tear anything with her nails moving around so the fabric seems of pretty good quality too!


If you’re in the market for a camping hammock, we hope that our review has helped you make a decision. We believe that the Winner “Large Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net” is the best option for most campers because it’s durable and versatile. 

However, if you have specific needs or want something with more features, be sure to check out some of the other options on our list. And don’t forget to take your new camping hammock companion with you everywhere you go!

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